Kalbeliya World

a model for global collaboration & solidarity

Although the Kalbeliya community is praised for their epic performances throughout India and the world, they are historically marginalized, facing barriers to living wages, access to resources, and inclusion. Pre-COVID19, female Kalbeliya dancers earned a low income as stage performers and dance teachers to international tourists and are lead income earners responsible for many extended family members. During COVID19, all Kalbeliya artists were left with zero income, no government support programs, and further isolation, creating more threats to the already challenged community. Kalbeliya World is a start-up and self-employment support program working alongside Kalbeliya female artists from Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Pushkar. We provide a gateway providing zoom access, online registrations, global transactions, email customer service, marketing, wifi, content development, online training, and a female tech buddy. These tech buddies and three coordinators volunteer to transfer skills and provide daily support. Teachers receive 100% of dance class earnings. Solidarity projects are built into our model with immediate support programs that benefit the Kalbeliya community during this challenging time and creates long-term growth.

Rekha and Mamta Kalbeliya dance teachers


Kalbeliya World 

  • Is a virtual gateway to expand economic opportunities
  • Shares digital literacy
  • Creates immediate support programs
  • Amplifies inclusion and togetherness 


The main mission of Kalbeliya World is to

  • Join in solidarity with artists and their communities
  • Amplify non-mainstream performing arts
  • Support the transition to digital platforms
  • Generate sustainable models of employment 
Aasha Sapera dancer
Anita Sapera Dancer
Moreya Sapera Dancer

Our Organization

Kalbeliya World is a platform supported by the a 501c3 USA based, fiscal sponsor, Joy of Sharing Foundation. Sponsorship includes receiving registration payments, transferring money to India, and accepting tax-deductible donations.